The Domesticated Creatures of the Moon

The moon Luxxe has different beasts of burden than its world of Ghieh. Gravity being lower, and the god of musculature's shadow preventing muscular dystrophy, animals that would collapse under their own weight down planetside can prove extremely useful.

Tower Bird

tower bird

The tower bird is a bright-feathered beast of burden favored by the humans of Luxxe. It can carry two men comfortably. It eats as much as an elephant does. The Tower Bird's downy pink feathers make exquisite insulation for pillows and quilts.

Cost 500, Miles per Day 48, Movement Rate 480' (80'), Unencumbered load 9,000.

Shaggy Zebra

Zebras are not capable of carrying humans under planetary gravity, but on the moon they are plenty strong enough. They are smaller than horses, and more stubborn. The men of Luxxe have had much success in domesticating them. They tend to bite or kick people who stand in their way.

Cost 30, Miles per Day 24, Movement Rate 240' (40'), Unencumbered load 3,000.

Giant Chameleon

giant chameleon

Giant chameleons are popular mounts in the more broken areas of Luxxe and Ghieh. They have three forward pointing horns, prehensile tails, and a camoflauge ability (hide in shadows 2-in-6). They also require less water than horses.

Cost 100, Miles per Day 30, Movement Rate 300' (50'), Unencumbered load 3,000.

Pack Ape

Pack apes are close relatives of gorillas and know a few words in sign language (me, you, food, tree, go, scared) which the seller can teach you when you buy one. A pack ape rolls morale as any monster (ML 8) but upon failing goes apeshit instead of fleeing. You can not ride a pack ape unless you are a h**bit or some h**bit sized creature. The best thing about pack apes is you can bring one almost anywhere you can bring an armored human.

Cost 100, Miles per Day 24, Movement Rate 240' (40'), Unencumbered load 2,000.


Megabats are the most basic flying mount found on Luxxe. They are too frail to live planetside. Needs rations.

Cost 500, Miles per Day 24 (Flight only), Movement Rate 240' (40'), Unencumbered load 1,600.

Polyp glider

polyp glider

A beast that floats through the sky like a manta ray. Grazes on sky polyps, so feeding is free.

Cost 500, Miles per Day 12 (Flight only), Movement Rate 120' (20'), Unencumbered load 1,600.

Hippogriff / Pegasus

Imported from planetside.

Cost 1000, Miles per Day 72 (Flight only), Movement Rate 180' (30'), Unencumbered load 4,000.