The Sopping Mermaid Tavern (1d20)

  1. Horned Nekogoblins raid the seas!
  2. Gnome King Kabouter gave a sailor some mead and the sailor literally exploded!
  3. All of Orando was put on the Naughty List!
  4. Gravity storms are the will of the cosmos and have nothing to do with the mining operations.
  5. A wild dragon destroyed all the warehouses in the docks of Eaverdam!
  6. Fauns and Satyrs are holding wampuscat vs. demoncat races!
  7. The fish people have a huge underground complex with lots of treasure!
  8. They say if you burn an offering in the graveyard a beautiful pale woman pops up to obey your every whim!
  9. The wizards have a book that can tell the weather a year in advance!
  10. Theres a strange town called Bronzewolf in the mountains, led by a hermit family! All the best steel comes from there.
  11. Theres an unassuming town called Bronzewolf in the mountains. Theres an outgoing family of nobles there and it produces lots of cheap iron.
  12. I saw a magician digging around near a nekogoblin burial ground, won't no good come of that.
  13. The East Bouldergaria trading company tried to buy a farm near here. What's up with that?
  14. The lumberjacks round here say that wampus cats can glide like paper airplanes!
  15. I'm a changeling! Check out my sixth finger!
  16. The giants Bog and Wabog dwell in the valley of Ochu east of the hole. These servants of hell have slain thousands in their lust for murder!
  17. Mervyn the Wicked Wizard lives in his tower with his clones in the valley of Ochu north of lake Caldera!
  18. The ancient watergod's temple produces the purest water in Alptiana. It's wild and curvy stream feeds the river Brohio.
  19. I don't have a space on my map for the forest of Tranquility!
  20. I heard a beast of a thousand bones dredged up the corpses of a pirate crew in the Brohio river.

The Diced Badger Saloon (1d6)

  1. A wizard showed of a real working flying machine in Khanduras!
  2. The Isk tribe's shortships were sighted off of Orando!
  3. The Culeo Cabal threw a body in that well one time.
  4. That guys a changeling! Don't look now, but he's got a sixth finger!
  5. The church of AMAT says that the Tommyknockers are devils in disguise!
  6. The cult of TIOAYEZ plays "foot ball" in that field, why are they so weird?